Spring performances

In the Spring we also host performances leaving behind our winter repertoire. We start preparing after the Christmas holidays, these songs are very diverse: from the Beatles to Queen, Disney songs, modern pop songs… We cover all styles and also sing in different languages, we also accompany some of the songs with simple choreographies to make the show extra fun. Check out the Listen to us! page and our social media (Instagram, Facebook and YouTube) to listen to some of our songs.

Some years, Bathroom Scenario hosts a choir competition where several choirs from the area battle in songs to win the “Golden Showerhead” trophy. A jury listens to all competing choirs and based on different criteria, selects a winner that will receive the trophy. The audience also gets to vote for their favorite choir which will also receive a prize.

Other years, instead we have organised a joint spring concert with other choirs. In the spring of 2022 our concert together with Amane was nominated by USVA for the Cardozo Award “Best music show” and “Best night out”. And our performance of the song Trilo was awarded the “Best piece of music” Cardozo Award.